We bring news! Today we launch Fazenda da Toca’s new website! This launch is part of a long journey in recent times, where we have strengthened our values and revised our strategy, concentrating energy and work in search of our greatest purpose: to co-create and connect initiatives that regenerate systems, producing value for society and for the planet .

Here at Fazenda da Toca we work with regenerative agriculture, following the agroforestry principle. This is the place where we regenerate our relations with nature, with ourselves and with others.

For this reason, the Farm is much more than a property that dedicates itself to organic and agroecological production. It is a place to reflect on our role on the planet. And we can’t do it alone.

To build the foundation of our regenerative purpose, we need to walk together in the quest for “organic living,” a healthy lifestyle connected with nature and in harmony with our planet.

With that in mind, we have created a new area on the farm named Toca Experiências to get closer to you and spread this idea. We want to be always open to welcome people and provide meaningful experiences.

At Toca Experiências, we gather all the courses, events and living experiences that we carry out at the Farm. Only this year we have already promoted 8 courses, conducted 75 visits and received 32 people in our volunteer program so far.

We intend to have more and more people with us on this journey.
And you’re more than welcome.
On the website you will be updated on our agenda and you will be able to read texts about our activities, researches and inspirations as well as find information about our development in the agricultural area with agroforestry systems.

And now, to visit us, it will be even easier.

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