Our visits are held in Portuguese, but we can indicate an interpreter if you are interested.

Education inspired by nature visit

EDUCATION INSPIRED BY NATURE VISIT Fazenda da Toca - Itirapina/SP Here, Nature is the great master, who teaches and inspires. Without division by age, children assimilate knowledge from observation and experience, and learn from each other. They create, develop and...

Agroforestry visit

AGROFORESTRY Fazenda da Toca - Itirapina/SP Cursos Hospitalidade Regulamento Localização Calendário Inscrições In the Agroforestry itinerary we will visit the main forest gardening areas of Fazenda da Toca, providing visitors with an understanding of the experiences...

Ecosystem visit

ECOSYSTEM Fazenda da Toca - Itirapina/SP Toca Ecosystem route is an opportunity to get to know Fazenda da Toca’s main projects such as: the Research and Development in Agroforestry, the egg production (poultry) and Toca School for Early Childhood Education. Duration:...

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