Toca Experiences is our program of courses, events, visits and living experiences. It is where we share our perspective and the learning that we acquire day by day at Toca.
Based on our perception that food is life and believing that more than producing food it is better to feed, in the most intense and profound sense that this word can have, we offer courses and develop actions in the areas of agriculture, education and food & nutrition on four fronts:

INSPIRATION : are lectures, content and visits that we offer to present the knowledge lived and produced here. They are programs of short duration, aimed at those who want to have a first contact with Fazenda da Toca.

EXPERIENCE: are living experiences, workshops and events promoted so that people can feel what we live and produce here. A little more intense than the inspirational actions, they are aimed at those who already have some knowledge about our work and know that they want to live and experience first-hand what we learn at Fazenda da Toca.

IMMERSION: are courses and volunteer programs offered to share in detail what we live and learn here. With a more intense programming, they are aimed at those who want to deepen into some theme or work that we have been developing at Fazenda da Toca.

EVOLUTION: are modular and continuing education courses promoted as a way to guarantee the construction of knowledge over time. Here we learn each day and it is these evolutions that we share in these actions, aimed at those who have already participated or done some work aligned with what we develop at Fazenda da Toca.

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