Here at the farm the production is 100% organic. Chickens live in a pleasant environment, with a quiet routine that respects their natural behaviors. They receive varied and balanced organic food and are not subjected to antibiotics or hormones. When needed, they are medicated with homeopathy and herbal extracts via drinking water.

Our facilities are designed to guarantee their well-being. The perches are installed in order to respect the poultry hierarchy, since hens naturally have a hierarchical behavior. The structure set in our aviaries allows the dominant ones to be above the others, according to their social organization.

The rooster is also another important element. In the natural environments, it is the one that transmits security to the hens and so it’s present in our production.

Poultry food

Chickens receive a balanced food for each life cycle. Since the first day they come to the aviaries, they are fed according to a program that considers the stages of their growth and production.

Their food is made from corn and soybeans, as well as minerals, vitamins, fruits, fodder and silage. All organic.

The aviaries routine

Vegetable and organic food exclusively
Good use of shading trees
Protected sheds for roosting at night

The story

We started our organic eggs production in 2011. In that year, we installed an experimental aviary with 1.500 chickens and defined our business model in order to scale production.

One of the first decisions was about the poultry breed we would have on the Farm. We chose to have most of our flock with the Lohmann Brown hens which, besides having greater longevity and excellent eggs, have adapted well to our production model.

In the following years, we expanded the operation, installed new aviaries and automated the eggs collection, allowing us to gain scale and build the reality we see today at the Farm.

Organic corn and soybeans: The basis of the poultry feed and incentive to the sector

We grow part of the organic corn necessary to feed our poultry. In addition to our production, we purchase a considerable amount of this grain and also organic soy from partner producers to ensure the supply of our aviaries.

As a result, besides ensuring our poultry sustenance we help to boost and structure the production chain of the organic corn and soy sector in the country.


Eggs are marketed in retail in 6 different types of packaging:
– blister with 6 large eggs
– blister with 10 large eggs
– tray with 20 jumbo eggs
– tray with 20 small eggs


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