Fazenda da Toca – Itirapina/SP

Here, Nature is the great master, who teaches and inspires. Without division by age, children assimilate knowledge from observation and experience, and learn from each other. They create, develop and take care of sustainable technologies such as composting toilets, forest gardens, seedlings nursery, compost piles, meliponary, fish tank, banana circle, among others, understanding the interconnection of each of these elements for the good functioning of the system.

A visit to get to know Toca’s Education projects: the School of Early Childhood Education, Escola da Toca, and Projeto Rede in Itirapina.

Morning period Escola da Toca: showing visitors the application of Toca Educational Approach focused on Early Childhood Education. Visitors will have the opportunity to understand how we are structured to guarantee the manifestation of the Culture of Childhood, always having as a strong inspiration the patterns of Nature and considering the Human Being Integrally.

All this will be understood throughout a tour on school areas that are carefully planned so that space itself is a learning environment for the development of Sustainable Human Communities.

Afternoon period Dulce School: short visit to Dulce School through internal and external areas, trying to minimize the impact on the activities happening in the school. There visitors will have the opportunity to see live what was covered in the morning at Fazenda da Toca.

All those interested in knowing Toca’s Education projects.


6 hours, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

September 21st 2017

R $ 110,00 per person



39 years old, responsible for the visits and experiences at Fazenda da Toca. Climbing Sports Instructor for more than 15 years, Professional Civil Firefighter specialized in rescue in height and remote areas. He has been a “professional clown” volunteer in hospitals since 2003. Technician in Chemistry and Environmental Management and currently studying Pedagogy.


9 am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Introduction
11 am – Escola da Toca Tour
12:30 pm – Lunchtime
13:30 pm – Dulce School trip
14 pm – Dulce School tour
15 pm – Return to Fazenda da Toca
15:40 pm – Coffee Break
16 pm – Closure

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Rodovia Washington Luís, Km 204, s/n
Zona Rural, Itirapina – SP, 13530-000

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